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Photos and videos with love



Mar. 21

to Mar. 24

Life style photo sessions

With Melao and Lorenzo, photos and videos for people who love what is natural and spontaneous.

The connection of people goes beyond what our senses perceive, we have to look deep into their hearts to find their laughter, hugs, kisses and all the emotions that we will capture for you with your friends, partners or family.

In this session they will connect, vibrate and reconnect through natural light, then they will save in photos and videos that union that fills them with life every day. We can do your sessions at your home, in a beautiful park, visiting tourist places or in any space where you feel happy and comfortable.

We handle a unique package because we want everyone to have the same experience and feel special in our photo or video sessions.

If you are interested; Click on BOOK or if you have questions and want to talk to Melao y Lorenzo press the Whatsapp button.

Behind the scene

Detalle Photoshoots

Happy customers

Ej. Photoshoots


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Personnel and Equipment
Shooting session time
Digital photos per hour

1 photographer
1 hour
30 photos
Artistic retouc
Digital via clou


Video Session
1 videographer
Coverage 1 hour
Video 1 minute
Artistic edition
Digital vía nub


Coming soon!
Pay with PayPal or Credit Card
Precio Photoshoots

Payment method:

Credit Card: Use your favorite credit card on our secure payment platform.


Customer need to pay transportation fees.

The additional hour or fraction has a cost of U$ 175 in any case.

Delivery time 40 working days after each session.

The session only includes 1 photographer and his equipment.

Does not include any printed material.

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